An exit poll conducted last week by Brigham Young University students not only asked voters for whom they cast their ballots but also got their opinions on several other issues.

As in previous election years, the KBYU/Utah Colleges Exit Poll - directed by associate professor of political science David B. Magleby - accurately forecast election results, including the presidential race, Utah's gubernatorial and attorney general races and the tax initiative outcomes.Other schools involved were the College of Eastern Utah, Dixie College, Southern Utah State College, Snow College, Weber State College and Utah State University.

Using a statistical sampling, pollsters interviewed random voters on election day.

Among results of the poll:

-Although Utah voters opposed the tax initiatives, a high percentage feel the initiative process is a good thing, with 65 percent in agreement that the public should have a process to bypass the Legislature to create and pass laws. Only 12 percent believe the process is bad, 14 percent didn't know and 9 percent said it makes no difference.

-Independent gubernatorial candidate Merrill Cook's candidacy drew nearly nearly equal numbers of votes from both Gov. Norm Bangerter - 51 percent - and challenger Ted Wilson - 49 percent.

-Utah voters would have preferred Lloyd Bentsen for vice president. Forty-nine percent of Utah voters would have voted for Bentsen, while 30 percent would have voted for Dan Quayle, had an independent election been held for vice president. The rest were undecided.

-Fifty percent of voters surveyed support a state lottery to fund education. Forty-three percent disapproved of the lottery, while 7 percent were unsure.