Utah State University's student body president said Saturday the State Board of Regents must change its attitude and stop continual increases in tuition.

Michelle Henry made the comment in an interview following a USU Institutional Council meeting in which President Stanford Cazier complimented her on student efforts to defeat the tax initiatives.Cazier said that passage of the initiatives could have meant tuition increases of 25 percent had they passed. The three initiatives would have reduced state and local government revenue by an estimated $329 million.

On Friday the regents approved a 7 percent tuition increase for the state's two-year colleges and a 9 percent increase at four-year schools.

"If we're going to pay that much money on top of paying fees for buildings, libraries and computer access, at least we should have the assurance the state will increase faculty salaries by the same amount," Henry said.

She said regent proposals to counter tuition hikes by offering more scholarships won't help most middle-class students.

"What they talk about are scholarships for the needy and the super intellectual, but this way the middle class will be squeezed out," she said.