Defeated Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted Wilson lashed out at Republican Gov. Norm Bangerter Friday for the firing of state Asian Affairs Director Michael Wu.

Wu, who supported Wilson this fall, was dismissed in an act of "political retribution," Wilson charged."Michael's help on my campaign was never on state time and was separate from his role as director of Asian affairs. It is my understanding that no explanation was given for his dismissal," Wilson said.

However, Bangerter's chief of staff, Reed Searle, characterized the charge as "a foolish statement, that's all I can say."

Searle, reached at his Salt Lake City home, indicated there would be more dismissals. "Michael Wu is one of several changes that are going to occur," he said.

Searle, while denying political retribution as a motivator, would not say why Wu was fired. "It's a personnel issue, and we don't discuss personnel issues," he said.

Wilson indicated that Wu's dismissal did not seem like a good start for the governor-elect, who said Thursday that it was time to heal the state's political wounds.