Cache County residents apparently will vote in favor of a proposal to extend Utah Transit Authority bus routes into the Logan area, according to a recent public opinion poll.

The poll, conducted by Dan Jones & Associates, indicated 60 percent of eligible voters contacted favor the proposal, which will be on the Nov. 8 ballot, said UTA spokesman Alan Miner.The Cache County Council last March asked UTA to add the county to its service area. The proposal was approved two months ago by the bus line's board of directors, pending the outcome of the election to supplement the bus service costs with a quarter-cent sales tax.

If the sales tax surcharge is approved, UTA would operate two bus routes in Logan City, one running through the county, and express routes from Logan to Ogden, to the Salt Lake International Airport and to the Morton Thiokol plant in Box Elder County.

Fares for buses running just in Logan and the county would be 50 cents. The Ogden and Morton Thiokol express fares would be $1.25 one way, and the charge for riding to the Salt Lake Airport would be $8.