To the editor:

As Utahns, we share a long history of sacrificing to make Utah a better place for future generations. Our forefathers cleared the land, built the cities, towns, roads, reservoirs, and water systems knowing full well that most of the use would go to future generations.

The tax initiatives, though intending to reduce waste, may make our generation the first in Utah's history to leave Utah worse off tan when we received it.

As a student at Utah State University, I have seen first hand what excessive budget cuts mean I have watched the quality of the library deteriorate as the number of holdings and staff have been reduces. I have seen quality academic programs that have taken decades to build lose excellent faculty members. I have seen a positive, progressive atmosphere replaced by one of pessimism and contration.

This is not the Utah our forefathers sacrificied for. This is not the Utah I wish to leave to the next generation.

Gilbert D. Miller, president

Graduate Student Association

Utah State University