To the Editor: I can highly recommend David Wilkinson as our attorney general. He has worked with decency groups throughout Utah and written excellent pornography bills long before he became attorney general. We commend his courage and moral convictions in taking the cable TV law to the U.S. Supreme Court.

It was his obligation to defend laws passed by the Legislature and he did this in spite of criticism. Utah has always been ahead of the nation in porno legislation and control. We do not have the porno seen in other states.Recently, I watched a discussion by the three major network leaders. They expressed immediate concern because cable and satellite had no restrictions and they were suffering a loss of audience because of this. Their only recourse mentioned was to present uncut R-rated movies and program more sex and violence. The FCC will soon have to argue for control of cable and satellite. Our cable TV law may be a model to be used.

Vivian S. Anderson

Citizens for Decency of Utah