Test results received Wednesday have confirmed investigators' beliefs that a Sept. 29 shooting that left an 11-year-old girl dead was accidental.

Sheila Gillham, 11, 10637 S. Rembrandt Lane, was playing in the garage of an 11-year-old neighbor boy's house when he brought a .22-caliber rifle from his bedroom and accidently shot her in the face, according to a police report.Sandy Police Detective Warren Jeffrey said he has yet to receive written test results but has received verbal reports of state lab tests "that confirmed our belief the shooting was accidental."

The boy had been hunting with his grandfather earlier in the day and told police he had been playing at his house with Gillham when she started chasing him around the house with a claw hammer. He retrieved the gun from his bedroom to play a joke on the girl, the police report said. He pointed the rifle at her and pulled the trigger, then was surprised when the gun fired.

The boy then called his grandfather, who came to the house and called 911.