The Jordan United Methodist Church is offering Sunday school programs for all ages, and the church's youth group is making plans for a food pantry, even though the church has no formal "home."

Several weeks ago, the church's leader, the Rev. David Butler, told the Deseret News he was organizing the church without a building to meet in or any organized congregation to draw from.Since that time, the Rev. Butler has made great strides in finding a flock, according to Sheri Sturdevant, a new member of the congregation.

She said that on Sept. 11, 275 people attended the first service, held at the White House Reception Center in South Jordan.

"In that meeting, the Rev. Butler planted a seed. And our little congregation has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since."

The minister, with the help of his congregation, has already developed outreach programs targeted at west side areas along with his Sunday School programs. The youth group meets regularly, Sturdevant said.

She says that until a month ago, she had never been a regular churchgoer. In fact, she admits she was "a bit of a pessimist." But as a result of her participation in this newly organized church, she says, "I see great things coming from people like me."

She attributes her new attitude to the Rev. Butler and his vision.