Rock star John Fogerty got a favorable review from a federal jury in San Francisco, which determined that he hadn't stolen one of his own Creedence Clearwater Revival songs for his solo career.

The six-member U.S. District Court jury monday unanimously rejected a plagiarism lawsuit by Fantasy Records which holds the rights to Creedence songs.

The suit, one of serveral in, a long-running feud between Fogerty and his former recording company, claimed his 1984 composition "Old man Down the Road," copied the tune from "Run Through The Jungle ," which Fogerty wrote and sang for Creedence in 1970. "Old Man' sold about 150,000 copies and was the lead single from Forgerty's solo "Centerfield" album, his first major commericial success since Creedience disbaned in 1972. Fogerty's defense included two days on the witness stand with guitar in hand, playing many of his compositions to demonstrate his style. He contended any similarities between the songs were part of his "swamp rack' style.