As the Brigham Young University Cougars head into the 1988 basketball season, University Police are preparing for the traffic and crowds that will accompany basketball fervor.

To help smooth the flow of traffic, campus police have issued guidelines on how to find parking and convenient routes to the Marriott Center.Tip-off for the first regular game of the season, against the Yugoslavian National Team, will be at 7:35 p.m. Nov. 16.

Lt. Mike Harroun said reserved parking is restricted for pass holders until 15 minutes before starting time. Those approaching reserved lot No. 1 (north of the Marriott Center) will be directed to the east entrance (northeast corner of the Marriott Center). Patrons arriving from 1230 North will be directed to the west entrance on 450 East.

Access to reserved lot No. 2 (north of the Bean Museum) is from 1430 North or Ninth East. It is preferred that patrons use the two south entrances on 1430 North, Harroun said. The two entrances to reserved lot No. 3 (west of Harman Continuing Education Building) are on University Parkway.

Public parking will be available at the Tanner and Richards buildings and west of the football stadium.

Harroun asked that fans not park in housing areas or block private driveways and roads.

Handicapped parking is available in any of the reserved lots, and patrons must obtain passes from the athletic director's office to park in the reserved lots. Call 378-2096.

Citations will be issued for traffic and parking violations such as parking on red curbs, double parking, blocking aisles and roads, and parking and driving on lawns and sidewalks.

Except for the varsity preview game Nov. 11, one-way traffic flow will be used at the end of all games, Harroun said. All four lanes of 1230 North from the Marriott Center to 150 East (Canyon Road) will become one-way for westbound traffic, and four lanes of University Parkway from Sixth East to University Avenue will also become one-way for westbound traffic.