Utah Valley Community College will switch from a quarter to a semester system next fall.

In a unanimous vote Friday, the State Board of Regents decided to let UVCC convert to a semester system as a pilot project. The other eight colleges and universities in Utah's system of higher education will remain on the quarter system.Earlier this year, the regents decided against converting the entire system to semesters, but said some individual schools could change, if necessary, with the board's approval.

At the meeting at the College of Eastern Utah, UVCC President Kerry Romesburg said the two-year school wants the switch because it would give students more time for in-depth study and would facilitate the transfer of students between UVCC and nearby Brigham Young University, which also is on the semester system.

The savings from the administrative switch would be minimal - only about $12,000 to $13,000, he said. However, the school may have additional potential savings of about $200,000 from tuition, because more students could be retained between fall and spring semesters.

That was the experience at Arapahoe Community College in Denver when it converted to the semester system, Romesburg said. Araphahoe retained 81.2 percent of its students between fall and spring while using quarters, but kept 96 percent when it switched to semesters.