Rep. Jim Hansen says a recent fuss about him saying the presidential race has nothing to do with competence, because Adolf Hitler was competent, was a result of a statement being taken out of context.

The statement, quoted in an Ogden newspaper, prompted a furor among people who thought Hansen had made a poor choice by using the reference to Hitler. It also provided political hay for the rival campaign of Gunn McKay, Hansen's challenger for the 1st Congressional District seat.The Ogden Standard-Examiner reported that while Hansen was speaking to National Exchange Club in Ogden about Vice President George Bush's assertion that the presidential contest was about ideology and not competence, he said, "Hitler was competent. You can't go by that."

When questioned Thursday, Hansen said he didn't intended any comparison between Dukakis and Hitler by the remark.

"I think it was taken out of context. A lot of people have competence, but that doesn't necessarily mean we should follow their ideology," Hansen said.

Hansen said he has asked the newspaper to allow him to respond to the article.