Jurors in a murder trial began watching a videotape Friday in which the defendant, under hypnosis, assumes the voice of "Satan" and other personalities and describes killing his 19-year-old daughter.

On the tape, Thomas Lee Bonney's voice took on a demonic snarl as he was interviewed under hypnosis by a psychiatrist."You're just a mortal," the Chesapeake, Va., man growled, eyebrows arched, long fingernails clicking on the tabletop. "You don't know nothing."

"Satan" and three other of Bonney's 10 purported personalities revealed themselves in 23 hours of videotaped interviews with Dr. Paul F. Dell.

Dell, a psychiatry professor at Norfolk's Eastern Virginia Medical School who was retained by the defense, diagnosed Bonney as having multiple personalities.

Superior Court Judge Paul M. Wright viewed portions of the tapes Thursday and ruled they could be shown to the jury. Lawyers said the presentation of the tapes could last into next week.

Bonney, 45, is charged with the first-degree murder of his 19-year-old daughter, Kathy Carol Bonney. Her body was found last November dumped next to the Dismal Swamp Canal, just inside North Carolina's border with Virginia.

She was nude and had been shot 27 times. Bonney, who could receive the death penalty if convicted, pleaded innocent by reason of insanity and unconciousness.