Built: Founded in 1989 by a group of parents. The building is leased from the Catholic Diocese in Salt Lake City.

Boundaries: None Mascot: Mongoose - Chosen because it's small but tough, quick and tenacious.

Number of teachers: 22 in upper school.

Number of students: 52 in upper school.


Kevin Clyde became headmaster in 1991. Previously worked as a project superintendent for W.W. Clyde & Co., managing construction projects throughout the Western United States.

Education: Bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University in English literature and Latin.

Likes: Parents and students who are engaged in the voyage of learning. Time, particularly in long, unencumbered stretches when pleasant things can be savored.

Dislikes: Few Wishes: That there shall always be possibilities for all young people, particularly to be nurtured and to find the benchmarks and touchstones inherent in the discovery of sensible answers and a bright future.


Meridian School is a non-profit, tax-exempt, non-sectarian, parent-directed, private school teaching pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.


Hitting the books: The curriculum is centered on teaching liberal arts and sciences. Students also must take four years of a foreign language. Recent awards: State Geography Bee winner, District Spelling Bee champions for the past two years, first place in AP calculus problem-solving contest in 1991. 1992 SAT scores: 11th grade: 85th percentile Making the grade: In winter term, nine upper-grade students made high honors (3.7 or above) and 17 students made honors (3.4 and above). Student body officers: Dave Elkington, president; Robert Martin, vice president; Kristen Barlow, secretary; Nisha Elkington, treasurer; class representatives: Catherine Bradford, Ann Sumsion, Wade Taylor, Tory Johnson, Jeron Paul, Anna-Marie Johnson, Jared Stone and John Sumsion.


Graduation rate: 100 percent Hall of Fame: The classes of '90 and '91 had a total of 14 graduates, and 12 of them (86 percent) continued their education at various colleges and universities. Sources: Suzann Handford, office manager; Kevin Clyde, headmaster.