Utahns should be wary of credit card offerings that require the payment of an advanced fee or promise easy and guaranteed credit.

The Utah Better Business Bureau has received several inquiries from Utahns asking about such cards and warns that some offers may be deceiving.For example, many Utahns have been offered a "Cen-Gold" card from the Cen-Card Agency in Parisppany, N.J. The mailing to Utahns suggests consumers are eligible for a credit limit as high as $5,000. The mailer requests an advance fee or $39.95 for one year or $49.95 for a lifetime fee. For further information, consumers must dial a 900 toll number at a charge or $2 for the first minute and 35 cents for every minute thereafter.

The New Jersey address is actually a mail drop for a company operating out of Maryland, according to the Utah Better Business Bureau. The Baltimore Better Business Bureau reports that the company has an "unsatisfactory business performance record." The Cen-Gold card is only good to purchase products from the company's catalog and brochures and is not accepted by merchants.

In addition, the company will forward an application to a bank for a visa/mastercard. The bank requires a minimum deposit to be maintained in an account. Applicants also have to meet other credit requirements.

An offer of easy or guaranteed credit should be carefully checked. It is usually too good to be true.