More than 70 people were injured in an earthquake that hit China's southeast coast, and the number reported homeless from another quake in the south earlier this week doubled to 200,000, officials said Friday.

No deaths were reported in Thursday's quake, which shook the Guangxi Zhuang region. The official China News service said it measured slightly more than 5 on the Richter scale and cracked buildings and collapsed stairways in cities across the area.It occurred four days after a quake near the Burmese border killed more than 930 people. The official Xinhua News Agency quoted officials as raising the count of those injured Sunday by several hundred, to 3,364.

Seismologists said Thursday's quake may have been an aftershock of that temblor, which devastated dozens of remote towns and farming villages in Yunnan province, west of Guangxi Zhuang. It measured 7.6 on the Richter scale.

The China News Service said Thursday's quake was centered offshore in the Beibu Gulf. It said 71 people were were hurt, nine seriously, as they scrambled from buildings in the city of Fangcheng. It said the trade city of Canton also was affected.

Trevor Page of the U.N. World Food Program said Chinese officials told him 200,000 people were homeless from the Yunnan quake, twice as many as previously reported.

Page said the Ministry of Civil Affairs sent his office a detailed list of emergency supply needs, including antibiotics, syringes, portable X-rays, jeeps, plastic sheets, tents, clothing and canned food.

Many villages in the area can reached only on footpaths and the few existing roads have been heavily damaged by the quake.

Xinhua said many remote villages had not yet been reached by rescue teams and that the casualty figures were expected to rise.