A record number of students are enrolled at the College of Eastern Utah this quarter, continuing a steady climb both of the school's campuses have reported in recent years, according to figures released by the school.

A total of 2,200 students are enrolled at both the Price campus and the San Juan Center in Blanding, CEU spokesman Jim New said.Of the 1,800 students on the main campus, New said more than 1,200 are attending full time, while the San Juan Center has registered 360 students, 246 of whom are considered full-time equivalents. Enrollment overall increased by about 100 students.

"We anticipated that enrollment would stay even with last year's figures because we eliminated the football program which brought in 80 full-time students each year," CEU president Michael Petersen said.

"To replace those students and still bring in another 100 is much better than anything we ever expected."

Enrollment at CEU has increased 135 percent from 1976 to 1988, making the school the fastest-growing state college.

"When you adjust our budgets for inflation, and compare the 1976 per student expenditures with last year's figures, you find that we are actually spending $900 less per full-time student than we were a dozen years ago," Petersen said.

Petersen intends to ask lawmakers to increase CEU's state appropriation by $400,000 due to the ever-increasing enrollment at both campuses.