United Way of Spokane County officials are grateful for the 86,400 pairs of pantyhose they received as a corporate donation from Leggs Corp., but say it's tough finding enough women in need of the garments.

"It was a surprise," spokesman Michial Fillman said Thursday of the 180 cases of pantyhose. "It wasn't anything we expected. It wasn't anything we asked for."United Way so far has distributed the pantyhose to Ogden Hall, Volunteers of America, American Indian Community Center, Catholic Social Services and many other agencies that help women. Twenty cartons will go to United Way of Benton and Franklin counties.

But that still leaves the Spokane group with 120 cartons - 57,600 pairs - of pantyhose.

Fillman said the pantyhose will be especially helpful to women on job interviews. And some suggest two or three pairs worn at once will help keep away winter chills.

"What the women tell me is if you buy a pair of nylons, you're talking about $3," said Michael Ryan, executive director of Catholic Social Services. "If you can give them to somebody who's in need and can't afford them, it's really very nice."