Tuskegee, Ala., Mayor Johnny Ford said he used karate kicks to fend off two stray pit bull dogs that attacked him while he was jogging and forced him to take refuge in a tree for 21/2 hours. A passer-by came to Ford's aid Wednesday, and shot the dogs with a pistol. The mayor said he then beat the dogs with a tree limb until they were dead. When the dogs attacked, "I battled them with my hands and feet by using karate kicks as best I could to keep them at bay," Ford said. "The dogs were so vicious they momentarily turned on each other and that gave me time to get to a tree." Ford, who was bitten on the legs, arms and hands, was treated at a hospital and released. "I'm OK," Ford said. "I'm not bitten up that bad. The most important thing is they were not rabid."