In a measure of worker efficiency, labor productivity increased 1.3 percent from July through September after a revised 2.4 percent decline in the second quarter, the Labor Department said Wednesday.

Output and hours in the non-farm business sector grew more slowly in the third quarter, according to the department's Bureau of Labor Statistics.In other categories measured by the government, labor productivity rose by 1 percent in the business sector and a rapid 4.3 percent in manufacturing.

The increases mean businesses were getting more output per hour from workers when measured in 1982 dollars.

Output in the non-farm business sector rose 2.8 percent and hours of all people - employees, proprietors and unpaid family workers - rose 1.5 percent, the department said. Non-farm productivity has been stronger than in the business sector because of productivity declines in farming.

Hourly compensation rose 5.4 percent in the third quarter, but the increase was only 0.6 percent when adjusted for inflation.