Brigham Young players who allegedly taunted black San Diego State players with racial slurs were counseled to act like gentlemen after a university inquiry into the matter, the school's athletic director said Wednesday.

"We've talked to the boys that allegedly had been involved. They know of our displeasure and they have said they're sorry," BYU athletic director Glen Tuckett said in a telephone interview. "We mentioned how important it is to conduct ourselves in a gentlemanly manner at all times."Tuckett said the matter also was discussed with the entire team earlier this week and he now considers the case closed.

"I've talked with Fred Miller, (San Diego State's athletic director), and we have agreed to drop the matter."

Tuckett also suggested BYU players were not entirely at fault for the alleged racial incidents during the game Saturday night, which was won by San Diego State, 27-15.

"That's not typical of our kids. They were not the only ones guilty of ungentlemanly conduct," Tuckett said, without being specific about the nature of comments by San Diego State players.

Miller acknowledged both sides engaged in verbal warfare during the game, but he said the comments by BYU players went too far.

"BYU has attempted to go ahead and correct its problem and I respect that," Miller said. "In every contest, you're going to have comments that will question someone's heritage. There was an awful lot of bantering between the teams. That escalated into a situation that went beyond normal."

Miller added he had discussions with "certain" Aztecs players about their conduct.

Neither school disclosed the identities of players involved in the inquiry.

In a message to the San Diego State team, Miller instructed Aztecs coach Denny Stolz to tell the players that the situation has been resolved and that it was time to move forward.