Gump & Ayers, a Utah-based real estate company with six offices, has increased its share of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors gross volume so far this year.

President Jerry Floor said the company's share of the gross volume increased from 20 percent to 21.1 percent. The board's gross volume decreased from $439.1 million last year to $387.8 million this year and Gump & Ayers' share from from $87.9 million last year to $80.8 million this year."It is heartening that our performance is consistently better than that of the market. We are brutally aware of the current market situation and are delighted with our market share, especially in Salt Lake City and Park City," Floor said.

Gross volume at the company's Park City office increased 67 percent this year compared to the Park City Board of Realtor's 19.6 percent increase, moving Gump & Ayers to a 52.9 percent share of that board's volume.