Captain Kangaroo is the kids' friend. The Captain, aka Bob Keeshan, was in Seattle last week to promote children's rights and call for an improved child-care system. "We pay people who take care of our garbage more than we pay people who take care of our children," he said.

In addition to his venerable television show, Keeshan heads a company that provides child-care advice to businesses and families. "Child care is a program of value, a cognitive program that aids in the development of the child," Keeshan said. "The only way to attack substance abuse is to attack the problems that lead to substance abuse. By the time a child is 7 years of age, we've won or lost the game."He urged government and businesses to put even minimal amounts of money for day care. "If we don't address these issues, we'll all pay the price the financial cost and the dreadful social cost," Keeshan said.