William C. Bailey, owner and president of Mount Olympus Waters Inc., was named "Man of the Year" at the

30th annual meeting of the International Bottled Water Association in Atlanta, Ga.IBWA includes bottlers, distributors, suppliers and associated services from North America and Europe. Bailey was IBWA president in 1978 and is now serving his second term as first vice president.

Other positions in the organization include second vice president, chairman of government relations committee, president of the advisory council and a member of the executive and house counsel and public relations committees.

Bailey became associated with Mount Olympus Waters in 1963 and acquired the concern in 1983. The Salt Lake City firm, with annual sales of $6 million, bottles and distributes spring water from Neffs Canyon on Mount Olympus and is a local distributor of sparkling mineral waters.

The company is also involved in manufacturing and installing water purification facilities.