To the editor:

The enlightening and thoughtful column "Our arts belong to and enrich us all" by your music and dance critic Dorothy Stowe is a fine example of the high professional level which your arts staff has been providing readers over the years.This column is another of Mrs. Stowe's masterpieces in which she presents important issues of the life-enriching arts in her always carefully documented, highly informative and well-thought-out manner. She performs, indeed, a much needed public service.

When Mrs. Stowe states that "Salt Lake City has one of the most amazing arts enclaves in the country," one might add that among the writers, critics, and columnists at the Deseret News dealing with all of the arts, are likewise experts with unusually high competence in their fields. And this might apply also to parts of the literary, entertainment, television, film and radio world.

Max B. Zimmer

Salt Lake City