Revised figures show thrift depositors could get an estimated 98 percent of their money back, an increase from a previous estimate of 94 percent.

About 15,000 depositors had an estimated $105 million in five thrift and loans that were shut down by state regulators in 1986 and now being liquidated. The Legislature settled the state's portion of a depositors class action lawsuit filed in 3rd District Court to recover lost savings from the liquidation.The legislated settlement was previously reported to return $100 million of $106 million on deposit in the thrifts. But the revised estimates show a possible return of $103 million out of $105 million on deposit in the thrifts when the state took the institutions over on July 31, 1986, according to figures filed in 3rd District Court and distributed to depositors.

Depositers may get more back because of a decrease in the estimated amount on deposit when the thrifts were shut down, and an increase in the amount of savings already disbursed to depositors through the liquidation.

Depositors have already received $42.5 million from the liquidation and depositors can expect another $16.7 million as officials continue to sell off thrift assets. The settlement calls for a $29 million cash payout from the state and a $15 million loan that would be paid back by liquidation proceeds.

Under the settlement agreement, the state and depositors share in the liquidation returns until the state recovers its $15 million loan, then depositors can keep the rest.

To recover remaining principal, interest and attorneys' fees, depositors plan to pursue their class action claims against other defendants who did not join in the settlement.

Depositors have been mailed ballots to vote on the settlement agreement. At least 90 percent of the depositors must approve the settlement for it to take effect.

Meetings for depositors to discuss the settlement have been scheduled for this week and next throughout the state:

- Nov. 9, in Ogden, Weber County library, 7 p.m.

- Nov. 14, in Salt Lake City, South Jordan Library, 7 p.m. and in Richfield, Sevier County Courthouse, 7 p.m.

- Nov. 15, in Salt Lake City, East Millcreek Library, 7 p.m. and in St. George, Pine View High School, 7 p.m.

- Nov. 16, in Loa, Loa Community Center, 7 p.m.