A misunderstanding appears to be at the root of a flap over the trimming of two trees on Main Street.

Allan Wright, manager of Christensen's Department Store (where the pruned trees are located), said a subcommittee of the Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce hired a trimmer to prune the trees."We thought it was our responsibility," Wright said.

Wright said a representative of the subcommittee, which is composed of merchants with property along the west side of Main Street, asked the City Council member over the parks and recreation department (Lloyd Ash) whose responsibility it was to care for the trees. The representative was told that since it was a joint chamber and city project, the chamber could take care of them.

Jim Degroot, owner of V & S Variety on Main Street, and Harley Jacobs, president of the Chamber of Commerce, confirmed that such was their understanding.

However, Wright said it became apparent there was a misunderstanding when the police showed up while he was working to discuss a complaint filed against "whoever trimmed the trees."

"I'm infuriated the city didn't just come talk to me about it," Wright said. "We thought we went through the right and proper channels. We thought we were following the directions of the City Council member over that area. I want people to know the city councilman over that area gave us the permission and now he's shutting up."

Wright said the tree trimmer they hired said the trees hadn't been properly trimmed in four to five years, and needed to be drastically cut to give them a nice shape when they grew back.

"I wanted the trees trimmed before the leaves fell, so the leaves wouldn't be tracked into the store," Wright said.

Wright said he, too, was shocked when he first saw how the trees had been pruned.

"The tree trimmer told me he left a few leaves so photosynthesis could occur," Wright said.

Wright said that contrary to claims by the city that they (the city) know how to trim trees properly, "they gave the tree in front of the theater a flat top."

City officials and subcommittee members planned to meet Tuesday to work out the misunderstanding.