Paiute Farms Marina on Utah's side of Lake Powell may be back in business soon and could return to full-scale operations next May.

The National Park Service suspended the concession of the Navajo tribal business on Nov. 1 because of sewer and water system problems and a strike that closed the marina during the busy summer season.On Monday, National Park Service officers in Denver met with Tribal Chairman Peter MacDonald and marina managers, apparently reaching a compromise.

"We felt pretty good about the outcome," said Dick Neztsosie, vice president of Utah Navajo Industries, Blanding. The company is owned by the Navajo Tribe.

Paiute Farms is the only source of gasoline on the 60-mile stretch of the San Juan arm of Lake Powell.

The water treatment plant hinged on construction of the sewage lagoon, he said. But he charged the Park Service itself has delayed the lagoon.

The marina has tested soil where the lagoon is to be built. "We're ready to bid it out (for construction) except that the Park Service said they wanted to get the environmental impact study and the archaeological clearance done on our proposed lagoon site."

Neztsosie said the tribe has agreed to grant money to build the lagoon.

He said the suspension "took us by surprise somewhat," and if the Park Service had approached Paiute Farms on the matter, "we would have shut down voluntarily because as it is we don't have any reservations until the end of April anyway."