Jordan School District has adjusted its 10-year enrollment projections downward as growth in south Salt Lake County has slowed and families have moved out of the district.

Growth will continue but at a considerably slower rate than was projected several years ago, school board members were told Tuesday night. Instead of 20,000 additional students at the end of the century, Jordan will have an estimated 10,000, said C. Devon Sanderson of the administrative staff.He attributed the reduced enrollment projections to a slowdown in home building in the valley, net out-migration and a growing number of empty residences - all effects of a downturn in Utah's economy.

Earl Stuker, also of the administrative staff, said the district may experience a decrease of students in its northern end, while the bulk of growth will occur on the west side.

In the next five years, enrollment will increase by nearly 6,000 students, according to the updated figures. The north area is expected to lose about 270 students, while the south area will add approximately 1,700 students and the west area 4,300. From 1994 to 1998, an increase of 4,300 is expected, with a continuing loss of 1,340 in the north and addition of 1,240 in the south and 4,400 in the west.