Former Nevada Lt. Gov. Ed Fike, once a prominent figure in the Las Vegas business community, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of obtaining $4.5 million through numerous fraudulent loans.

The court issued a warrant for Fike's arrest, but FBI agents said the former state official was expected to surrender through an attorney "wherever he is."Fike moved to Maui, Hawaii, several years ago and was a clerk in a clothing store after his financial world in Las Vegas collapsed. Agents said he most recently was believed to be in Utah.

The 11-count federal grand jury indictment charged Fike with bank and mail fraud, and with making false statements to a federally insured bank. He specifically was charged with using his presidency at Lawyers Title of Las Vegas to submit fraudulent title reports and title insurance policies to numerous lending institutions.

Fike was accused of juggling real estate documents to mislead lenders regarding who actually held the first, second, third or fourth mortgages on his own property, which he posted as collateral.