When a gun-toting bandit threatened to kill him if he didn't empty his store's cash register, 70-year-old Woodrow New instead grabbed a mop and battered the would-be robber out the door.

New said he's just too old to cave in to threats, and when he landed the business end of his mop in the intruder's face late Monday at his Ogden Bell Mini-Mart, the man fled."They always say they're going to `blow your head off.' It's just the same old rigamarole," New said Tuesday. "I'm 70 years old. Those young brats don't scare me."

New was working in his store Monday afternoon when a man approached him and demanded money.

New said he saw the barrel of a gun, but, "I just whacked him in the face with my mop and he turned and ran away."

New said he had never seen the man before, nor did he know which direction the man went when he ran from the store.

In the 10 years New has owned the store, he said, people have tried to rob him four times.