The death toll from Typhoon Skip climbed to at least 90 Wednesday, and officials said the storm left tens of thousands of people homeless as it tore through the central Philippines.

The latest figures brought to more than 500 the number of people known killed by three storms that have ravaged this archipelago nation in the past two weeks.The government weather service downgraded Skip to a tropical storm Wednesday and said it was in the South China Sea, headed for Vietnam. Peak winds had declined to 68 mph, compared with 108 mph when the storm struck the central island of Samar on Monday.

Skip's center moved across the islands about 100 miles south of Manila, sparing the capital the widespread damage it suffered when Typhoon Ruby crossed land on Oct. 24.

The Social Services Department said at least 1 million people were affected by Skip, meaning their homes or property were destroyed or damaged. The Office of Civil Defense said about 70,000 people were left homeless.

Reports from the government's Office of Civil Defense and the Philippine Red Cross showed 36 people were killed on Palawan, where Skip triggered widespread flooding. At least 70 more people were reported missing on the island.

The next hardest hit area was Camarines Sur province on southeastern Luzon, where 26 people were killed in landslides. The civil defense office said at least 13 more were listed as missing in an avalanche that killed 20 people in the municipality of Pasacao, 160 miles southeast of Manila.