A beaming Vice President-elect Dan Quayle, thanking enthusiastic supporters for the "most memorable night" of his life, told them he "won't rest ever" in his effort to help George Bush lead the nation.

"While I serve as vice president, you need never question the devotion and dedication I will bring to this job," the jubilant Quayle said early Wednesday at a huge Republican victory rally in the grand ballroom of a downtown hotel."I know that my obligations to America, to our Constitution and to our people are sacred," said Quayle, 41, the second-term senator from Indiana. His wife, Marilyn, and their three children stood on the stage behind him.

"The vice presidency is not a job. It is a trust created by each of you. I will never violate that trust," he pledged.

Quayle, who emerged from relative political obscurity as Bush's controversial choice for running mate at the Republican National Convention, said he felt delighted as he left the raucous rally for his home in suburban McLean, Va.

He was to visit the new administration's transition office on Pennsylvania Avenue across from the White House Wednesday before traveling to Andrews Air Force Base to greet President-elect Bush, who was returning from Texas.