Educators emerged victorious in the two contested races for seats on the Murray and Jordan school boards.

In Murray's Precinct 5, Sherry Madsen, Deseret News Newspaper in Education coordinator, handily defeated University of Utah surgeon R. Kim Davis.A former teacher, Madsen credits her victory to old-fashioned, door-to-door campaigning.

Davis, who says he almost certainly won't run again, called the campaign "an interesting experience - what America is all about. This has been a great experience, and we have gained a great respect for the democratic process."

With Madsen's election - and that of Margaret Nelson, who ran unopposed in Precinct 1 - the Murray board will have four women members and one man, which Madsen said was a minor issue in the campaign.

"For 50 years it's been all men. I can't see any reason for not letting the women have a chance," she said.

Madsen and Nelson will join school board members Joyce Anderson, Laura Baker and Bruce Cutler.

Jordan School Board saw no change Tuesday night as two incumbents returned to their seats on the board.

Educator Orr L. Hill, who defeated Clint Warby in Precinct 5, pledged the time necessary to meet his board responsibilities. He promotes a positive outlook on education and the district's accomplishments. "We should give recognition to teachers and students for their positive achievements when praise is genuinely earned," he said.

Jane Callister, who was unopposed in Precinct 4, said her main concern as she continues her service on the board is to deal with growth in the district and to reduce classloads as possible.

"We really need to do that. And we need to help our employees and show them respect for what they are doing, for the time they spend and the service they provide."