The minister for a couple whose premature infant was snatched from a hospital asked the kidnapper to "place the child in a warm and safe place" and call him.

The Rev. Dennis Edwards made the plea during a live televised news conference Tuesday night as the baby's mother left the hospital to return home without her son."I have reason to believe that the person who took this child would like to see this child returned safely," Edwards, pastor of St. John Baptist Church, said without elaborating.

"Please return this baby to his parents, Willie and Annette Jones. Place the child in a warm and safe place, and then call me immediately," said the minister, who then gave his home telephone number.

Christopher Michael Jones, born six weeks premature, was taken from his mother's room at Doctors Hospital Nov. 1 by a woman impersonating a nurse.

Doctors say the baby needs immediate medical attention, and he may die.

"The doctors have assured me that the chance of harm to this child continue to increase every day," Edwards said. "Christopher Jones needs continual medical help."

Police Lt. R.L. "Bert" Jenkins said the Police Department had received as many as 400 calls about the case, but all produced dead ends.