Angered by the demolition of 15 illegally built houses, Israeli Arabs rioted for the first time since January, and authorities said two police officers were injured.

Meanwhile, underground Palestinian leaders called for a general strike in the Israeli-occupied lands Wednesday to mark the start of the Palestinian uprising's 12th month.The scheduled strike follows a day of scattered clashes in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, where Israeli soldiers shot and wounded 12 Palestinians, according to Arab hospital officials. The army confirmed seven wounded but did not provide details.

Also in the West Bank, a 52-year-old Israeli woman was seriously injured when a stone hit her in the head, Israel army radio said.

Violence also spread Tuesday to the Arab village of Taibe in northern Israel, where residents enraged by Monday's demolition of 15 illegally built houses set tires ablaze and hurled firebombs and stones.

Hundreds of police responded with rubber bullets and tear gas. Two police officers and an Arab were injured, Israel radio said.

It was the first serious riot by Israeli Arabs since January protests in solidarity with the revolt by Palestinians in the occupied lands against Israel's 21-year rule. At least 309 Palestinians and 11 Israelis have died since the uprising began Dec. 8.

The latest fatalities came Monday when an Arab laborer stabbed to death an Israeli soldier and was shot to death by another soldier.

On Tuesday, the army said it bulldozed about a dozen shacks of Palestinian migrant workers in the West Bank shantytown of Jiftlic, 25 miles northeast of Jerusalem, in retaliation for the stabbing.