Denis R. Morrill finally went to bed in the wee hours Wednesday after trailing Roy R. Chapman, his opponent for a Granite school board seat, all night. But his rest was short-lived. He was awakened by reporters who told him the political winds had shifted and that he won the election.

Incumbents Patricia G. Sandstrom and Lynn D. Davidson retained their seats on the Granite School Board and will welcome Morrill in January as successor to current Board President Gary Swensen, who chose not to run.Morrill said his first objective as a board member is to get the best possible education for Granite's students at the least cost.

"I am also very concerned about teacher morale," he said. "I really feel our teachers just aren't being treated fairly and don't enjoy the status in our communities that they should have. We have to convince the public that they need more money so they can have a reasonable living."

Davidson, who handily beat Charles C. Larsen to retain his Precinct 1 seat, said he is eager to continue his service on the board.

"I'm excited about the changes we've been making over the past few years. We've worked hard to make the schools more efficient and put more dollars into the classroom, fewer into administration.

"We have the finest teachers in the state and a great system that is getting better. We need now to do something to help teachers feel appreciated and respected."

Sandstrom was not available Tuesday night, but said in a pre-election statement that as a school board member in Granite, her primary concerns are the rapid growth on the district's west side, while enrollment is declining on the east side.

She also sees a need to bolster teacher morale and recognize teachers for their service in large classes and without salary increases for the past three years.