Two Davis School Board candidates edged by their opponents while a third won by a two-to-one margin in Tuesday's balloting.

In two tight races in South Davis county, Bountiful automobile dealer Dan Eastman beat out PTA regional director Shauna Nakaya in the Precinct 2 race, and incumbent Ray Briscoe defeated challenger Wayne Westergard in the Precinct 1 contest.In Central Davis County, Lynn Summerhays won by a convincing 32 percent margin over Newell Law.

Eastman, a Bountiful resident, will represent all of Bountiful except seven voting districts on the city's south side. He replaces Board President Sheryl Allen who did not seek re-election. He will bring little school-related experience.

"My emphasis is going to be to address the budget and the most out of that that we possibly can. We need to make sure that these students are given every opportunity to gain the level they want," Eastman said.

Eastman said Nakaya ran a hard campaign that showed up in the final polls. The campaign was also marked by campaign expenditures by Eastman that almost quadrupled Nakaya's. Incidentally, all of the candidates who said they spent more than their opponents won.

Briscoe, the only returning board veteran and a researcher with the LDS Church, said he believed his race was close because of "baggage" school board candidates acquire. Wester-gard, a Woods Cross resident and engineer at Unisys, said that some of that "baggage" included decisions that were too liberal for his constituency.

He said he is excited about continuing his work on the school board.

"I think I can offer some continuity from where we were to where we ought to be going," he said.

Summerhays, a Farmington resident, had considered himself an underdog against Law, a Fruit Heights resident and development coordinator with Unisys. Nonetheless, Sum-merhays handily beat his opponent after campaigning aggressively, while Law relied on limited newspaper advertisements and name recognition for votes.

Summerhays will take the Precinct 3 seat in January that represents Centerville, Farmington, Fruit Heights, Kaysville and South Lay-ton. He replaces Board member Henry Heath who did not seek re-election.

Summerhays said he wants to concentrate school reform at the local school level.

Summerhays and Eastman, both new faces on the board, will join Louenda Downs and Robert Thur-good, who where both elected two years ago. The inexperienced board will be immediately faced with solving problems of overcrowding in north Davis schools and under-utilization of south Davis schools.