Salt Lake police officials are investigating whether an officer acted within policy when he fired two shots at a drug suspect last Friday.

Officer Scott Hallock, of the Police Department's Special Emergency Response Team, was helping the Metropolitan Narcotics Strike Force serve a no-knock search warrant about 9 p.m. at 2727 S. Edison Street, South Salt Lake.While two officers were throwing a "flash-bang" device through the rear of the home to distract the occupants, Hallock and three other officers were forcing their way through the front door, said Sgt. Don Bell.

Two men arose from a couch, one of them reaching in his waistband for what appeared to be a handgun, Bell said. Hallock, the first to enter the home after knocking the door open with a sledge hammer, ordered the man to drop the weapon, but the man pointed it at the officers, at which time Hallock fired two rounds from his .38-caliber revolver.

The shots missed the gunman, who then dropped the weapon and fell to the ground.

A shooting review board will convene within two weeks to determine whether Hallock acted within department policy, said Capt. Aaron Kennard.

After arresting the two drug suspects, police recovered a .25-caliber automatic handgun that was loaded with a round in the chamber, Bell said.

Either a ricochet or a piece of the cinder block wall behind the suspects struck a plastic shield that was being employed by Officer Zane Swim. It was originally thought that a bullet from the suspect's gun struck the shield.

Police booked two men into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of attempted homicide and possession of controlled substances. Officers seized nearly an ounce of cocaine and five "hits" of heroin.