Fourth and fifth grade students at Silver Mesa Elementary School, 8920 S. 17th East, will register to vote in their school's mock election Monday and then, like grown-ups all over America, will enter a voting booth Tuesday and cast their ballots for president.

The approximately 300 students have been studying about the election process in the United States for the past two weeks, says teacher Kathleen Day, one of four social studies specialists at Silver Mesa School. She said the students will spend this week studying the election results.Day and social studies teachers Janice Hanson, Maxine Willis and Joanie Madsen have tried to explain this nation's voting procedures to their students and have discussed the electoral college, political parties, platforms, strategies and party symbols with the youths.

According to students at the school, some of the most interesting lessons during the past two weeks have concerned presidential trivia.

"There is one story that's been handed down about James Adam's wife, who is supposed to have hung her family's wash out in the East Room of the White House," Day said.

"Lyndon Johnson held an old fashioned Texas barbecue on the roof of the White House and built a playground on the White House grounds for his grandchildren.

"And George Washington didn't really have wooden teeth. He did, though, have a set of false teeth made from rhinoceros horn."