The City Council has taken under consideration a request to establish the Pleasant Grove City Library Board as an authoritative body.

Brent Bullock, a member of the library board, told the council Tuesday there was some confusion about the board's function. Bullock said the board had prepared bylaws to govern its operation but had not taken action on the bylaws because board members were unsure whether they were serving in an advisory or autonomous capacity."If we are an advisory board, we do not need bylaws," Bullock said. "If we are to operate autonomously, with authority, we need an ordinance establishing the board as such and a set level of funding. Then we can adopt bylaws."

The Pleasant Grove Library is currently funded at .00042, half of the maximum allowable mill levy.

The bylaws drafted by the board define the structure of the board, set time and place of meetings and provide for establishment of policy, public relations, finance and other special committees. Also, the bylaws state that board members shall attend one meeting of the Utah or American Library Association and are expected to keep up with current library trends.

Also, the board is responsible for appointing the city librarian, approving individuals recommended for employment by the librarian and approving the annual budget prepared by the librarian prior to submission to the City Council.

"There is a down side to that (creating an authoritative board) and that is if the City Council and the mayor were to create a board, the board would then run the library," Bullock said.

Bullock told the council that if the library is to be upgraded, an authoritative board is needed.

Mayor David Holdaway said he favors setting up an autonomous board.

"The council has diverted attention and the board is closer to the library and its needs," Holdaway said.

Holdaway said the council would continue to appoint members to the board in staggered terms of from one to three years, and allocate funds.

"Any time we can delegate authority to a responsible group of people, we should," Holdaway said.

The council is reviewing the suggested bylaws and will take action on the matter at a future meeting.