A Willard constable has been sentenced to a five-year-to-life prison term in connection with the attempted poisoning of her husband.

Peggy Johnson, 38, was convicted in September of three counts of attempted homicide for trying to poison her husband. She was arrested in January, after she bought some crank (methamphetamine) from a police informant and an undercover officer. Five days before her arrest, she told the undercover officers she was going to use the crank to poison her husband, Danny Johnson. She admitted that she had attempted on two other occasions to kill him.First District Judge Gordon Low said Monday that Peggy Johnson did not make the attempt in the heat of passion but over a period of 60 days.

She was also convicted of distribution of a controlled substance for giving marijuana to the two officers when she purchased the poison. She was sentenced to a zero-to-five-year term for that crime. The sentence will run concurrently with the attempted homicide sentence.

The judge also ordered her to pay $14,000 in restitution for attorney fees.