Fire destroyed an automobile-repair business Monday afternoon, and officials are estimating a $130,000 loss.

Salt Lake County Fire Capt. David Limberg said flames from the fire at Mr. Brake, 6205 S. Highland Dr., were shooting 30 to 40 feet into the air when firefighters arrived at 2:16 p.m."From one end to the other, it was totally involved," he said, adding that flames also leaped out into a nearby intersection. "It pretty well destroyed the business - both the contents and the building."

No injuries were reported.

The fire was fed by grease, oils, gasoline and brake fluids used at the business. Limberg said there were several explosions from tanks and barrels, forcing firefighters to mostly fight the fire from outside the garage.

"It was a fairly easy fire to fight because everything's open," he said. "We fought it from a defensive posture . . . from a distance."

Four cars that were being worked on were also destroyed and another car parked outside of the business was damaged. Limberg said the fire was so hot, that it caused an I-beam in the ceiling to buckle.

"It was a mess," he said.

Investigators believe an electrical short circuit in the shop's main panel caused the fire. Limberg said an employee tried to extinguish the flames on the panel but the fire extinguisher was not big enough to handle the fire.

Limberg said 21 firefighters, four engines, an aerial platform and two rescue units responded to the fire, which was contained in about 15 minutes. Crews kept the flames from traveling to a nearby shopping complex.

The Van Winkle Expressway, Highland Drive and the eastbound lanes of 62nd East were closed for more than an hour while firefighters fought the blaze, he said.