A Lane County deputy medical examiner has concluded that a former Salt Lake television personality killed himself by attaching boat anchors to his waist and jumping into an Oregon coastal lake.

The body of James Patton Montgomery III, 33, of Oregon City, was found floating in Mercer Lake, north of Florence, on Sunday. He had not been seen alive since he went to his family's nearby cabin for the weekend Oct. 21.Deputy Medical Examiner Frank Ratti identified the body and determined the cause of death during an autopsy Monday. The body had been tentatively identified Sunday, based on clothing and physical appearance.

Because of injuries suffered in a hang-gliding accident several years ago, Montgomery had little use of his right arm, but he could have freed the anchors with his left hand, Ratti said.

There was no sign of struggle or other injuries to indicate that Montgomery had not entered the water voluntarily, Ratti said.

Montgomery was the former host of the Salt Lake version of the nationally syndicated "PM Magazine" television show.