The political mud is flying in Cache County, where Democrats have been angered by Republican implications that they favor abortion and homosexual rights.

Cache County Democratic Chairman Herm Olsen said Saturday that Republicans are "trying to paint all our candidates with one brush. We have people of superb quality."Olsen was responding to a statement earlier in the week by his Republican counterpart, Nancy Hammond. At a news conference Wednesday, Hammond said Democratic philosophy traditionally has supported abortion, homosexual rights and big government.

There are contests in each of the county's legislative positions this year. Republican Sen. Lyle Hillyard is challenged by a Democrat for the first time in his 12-year political career. His opponent is Chris Coray, a professor of mathematics at Utah State University.

In District 3, Republican incumbent Steve Bodily is challenged by Democrat Richard Anthony, an instructor at the LDS Church's Institute of Religion in Logan. Republican Evan Olsen, in District 5, is opposed by Gerald Allen, a high school teacher.

Cache County's only Democratic state representative, Frank Prante, is challenged by Keith Gates, the Republican who Prante unseated in 1986.