Here are some tips on keeping flowers fresh and colorful in the home:

-If flowers have been placed in sponge-like floral foam, add enough warm water to soak the foam, and keep it soaked everyday.

-If flowers come in a bouquet or wrapped in a box, store them in a cool place until you have time to put them in a container.

Fill your vase or container with warm water and add floral preservative, if it was included (When you buy flowers, ask the florist to include preservatives.) If you don't have preservative a little 7-Up(about 1/4 cup per quart of water) will provide sugar for the flowers.

-Remove leaves on the stem that will be below the water line in the container.

-Cut about an inch off the bottom of each stem, but do it under running water and with a sharp knife or scissors. Cutting under water allows the stem to draw in water instead of air. Cut at a slant to expose more surface and to keep the stem from settling flat on the bottom. Place flowers in water-filled container immediately after cutting.

-Add warm water to the container every day. If the water becomes cloudy, it's a good idea to replace it entirely.

-Don't place flowers in direct heat, sunlight or drafts.

-All flowers won't last the same amount of time. When some die down, remove them from the arrangement, so the overalll look is still fresh.