What may be a record number of absentee ballots were cast this fall in Davis County, indicating a high interest in the election and a large voter turnout on Tuesday, according to election clerk Tess Porter.

"It's mind-boggling; I've never seen anything like it," Porter said Tuesday morning in the county clerk's office, in between handling telephone calls from polling places.Porter estimates the absentee ballots cast at the courthouse before Tuesday and by mail from around the world could total between 3,000 and 4,000.

To handle the pre-election day crowd, the county set up voting booths in the courthouse hallway outside Porter's office, converted part of the employee lunch room to an election judge's desk, and brought in extra help.

On some days, absentee voters waited two and three deep in line to enter the booths, rivaling the turnout at individual polling places in the September primary election.

Porter said she believes the combination of the presidential election, the tax initiatives and the tight state governor's race contributed to the high interest.

And, she said, the large number of absentee ballots cast could be an indication of a high voter turnout at the polling places on Tuesday.

Absentee ballots are forwarded for counting to the district where the voter is registered, Porter said, to make sure the votes are recorded in that district.