Eva Newton Crenshaw of Pendleton, S.C., is getting ready to vote in another presidential election, but the 105-year-old student of politics has not decided who will get her support.

Crenshaw says she is withholding her decision in this year's presidential race between Republican George Bush and Democrat Michael Dukakis until she can get a clearer view of what the candidates are espousing.Her vote goes to the man, not the party, she insists as she prepares to vote in her 18th presidential election.

"I've always tried to keep up with all of them," she said, "and see which one is the best."

Crenshaw has been voting since 1920 when she recalls she probably voted for Democrat James M. Cox, who lost to Republican Warren G. Harding.

Memory fades with time, and Crenshaw said she does not recollect who got her vote that year but until recent years she supported Democratic candidates.

Her feelings about politics in general is mixed.

"Some of it is sorry," Crenshaw observed. But still she plans to vote, a right she didn't get as a woman until she was 37 and the 19th Amendment was passed.

Now 68 years later, she believes voting is a responsibility and a privilege.