The preliminary hearing for a Layton man charged with shooting his wife in the head in July was continued to Nov. 14 after initial testimony Friday afternoon.

Donald R. Allen, 30, 388 E. 2625 North, is charged in the July 23 shooting of his wife, Gwen, 31. Allen was bound over to Layton 2nd Circuit Court in August on an attempted homicide charge, a second-degree felony.At Friday's preliminary hearing, Davis County prosecutor Carvel Harward reduced the charge to aggravated assault, a third-degree felony, but with a five-year enhancement because a firearm was used in the incident.

Investigators believe Allen shot his wife sometime on July 23 with a large-caliber handgun after a quarrel in their home. Mrs. Allen, however, was not brought in for medical treatment until more than a week later.

Investigators for the Davis County sheriff's office said the family treated her at home and she apparently did well for a few days but was taken to a hospital when her condition worsened.

Dr. James S. Heiden, a neurosurgeon at McKay-Dee Hospital, Ogden, testified Friday he operated on Mrs. Allen July 30 after she was transferred from Humana Hospital Davis North in Layton.

Heiden said he found an entrance wound near her right ear, with the jacket of the bullet just under the skin.

The slug fragmented, Heiden testified, with one piece traveling along her cheekbone and exiting by her nose. Other fragments penetrated the skull, Heiden testified, lacerating the brain and brain covering and driving numerous bone fragments into the brain.

Mrs. Allen has recovered but is not expected to testify when the hearing continues Nov. 14.