The Friars Club has banished a female colleague from an all-male roast for Ernest Borgnine, citing a time-honored tradition despite a Supreme Court ruling against discrimination.

Attorney Gloria Allred of Los Angeles said the club's executive director, Jean Pierre Trebot, denied her request to purchase a ticket Thursday because the event featured rough language and dirty jokes.When she tried to enter the roast without a ticket, she was pushed back by a man who refused to give his name.

"Why don't you act like a lady?" he snarled.

Allred, who joined the California Friars in May 1987, filed a sex discrimination charge last year after she was barred from having lunch in the New York club.

She finally did dine at the club on Aug. 26 - the day after the U.S. SupremeCourt upheld a New York City ordinance prohibiting such discrimination.